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Caldera Spas for Sale Tuscaloosa

Caldera Spas offer a way to unwind with a hot, massaging soak in the privacy of your home. Relax your muscles and engage in soothing hydrotherapy with the numerous jets provided in each spa. Target specific muscle groups with the advanced water jet options, many of which are adjustable, letting you control the force, direction, or rotation of the water massage. The Utopia and Paradise series tubs optionally feature the FreshWater Salt System which automatically generates chlorine from salt, while the Vacanza series can optionally use Frog Ease smart chlorine cartridges, leaving you free to enjoy your tub without spending too much time regulating chemical levels.
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The Utopia Series represents our finest luxury spas and the ultimate rejuvenation experience. Offering the pinnacle of comfort, design, and performance.
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Caldera paradise
The Paradise Series has models sized for three to seven adults all with a blend of practical functions and premium options for an immersive hydrotherapy massage.
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Caldera vacanza
The Vacanza Series hot tubs have been thoughtfully designed with options that provide the broadest range of therapeutic benefits at the greatest value.
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Caldera Utopia Series Spas

The Utopia series highlights efficient design and luxury features for an extraordinary spa experience. The strategically placed jets offer a thorough massage, with options ranging from 43 jets to 74. Choose your own tub shell and cabinet colors for a custom look.

The cabinet is designed to withstand harsh weather elements, so you never need to worry about the outer layer cracking or springing a leak, and the seats are designed for ultimate comfort and easy access to the jets. Get speakers mounted directly into the shell, and a contoured neck rest to allow for better reclining.

Caldera Paradise Series Spas

The Paradise series of hot tubs are all named after beautiful tropical islands to reflect the calm and pampered feeling they create. The six models all feature dozens of massaging water jets, ranging from 31 to 46. Each tub has customizable color options for the shell and cabinet so you can truly feel at home in your spa. EnergyPro keeps the water circulating evenly and well-heated, while the FiberCor insulation makes sure the water stays hot for longer so you can keep electricity costs low. Get soothing, energy efficient massaging from the Paradise series.

Caldera Vacanza Series Spas

The Vacanza series emphasizes the physical benefits of regular massage from water jets. These tubs include seats with jet arrangements to help you massage muscle groups that typically take the most stress. Focus on rejuvenation with the back, foot, and leg massages these tubs offer. The Foot Ridge® helps you keep your feet on the bottom of the tub so you can easily get out when you are done. An Aquatic Melodies sound system lets you create a soothing environment in the tub. Automatic heat and filtration ensure your Vacanza tub is always ready for you.
Caldera Spas provide the best options for getting daily water jet massage. Come into Pool and Patio Center to see which one is the perfect one for you!