Pool & Patio has taken care of our pool for almost forty years. They are professional, courteous and dependable.The store is beautiful and fun with lots of toys, games and accessories to chose from. The employees were friendly and helpful. I wouldn't go anywhere else!
— Alice B.
Thanks for all of your help in the store and for not making me feel dumb when I asked so many questions. You guys are the best.
— William H.
We moved into an older house 3 years ago. The swimming pool liner and filter system needed to be redone! Pool & Patio was amazing! They helped us with anything and everything we had questions about. We could not have asked for better service! 
— Chrystal S.
I have been going to Pool & Patio for years. They are great people, very knowledgeable and have always treated me like family. I would recommend them to anyone.
— Dean S.
Great place for ALL your pool needs. This team of professionals know how to take care of your pool care and upkeep. Give them a try and see if they don’t become the people you turn to for quality products and dependable maintenance for your pool or spa.
— Denise B.
Everyone at Pool & Patio is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to pools. When purchasing chemicals or any product for your pool, Pool & Patio is the go to place!
— Sherry S.
Lot of neat. Stuff!!!!
— Sheila B.